web & app design

Our high-performance websites are painstakingly created by digital growth hackers instead of website designers whose primary focus is on making pretty designs. Our focus always has been, and will be on convresion optimized designs.

search engine optimization

Shield your website against the potentially devastating effects of Google updates. We don't bank on one specific strategy to rank your website at the top of Google SERP. Infact, we utilize a host of different tactics to ensure your rankings and results stay at the top.

content marketing

Our content marketing wizards are in a league of their own. We're equally at home writing brand manuals and website content, or guest posts and blogs. Our content has been published on websites, such as, Forbes, Entreprenuer and Jeff Bulas.

ppc advertising

PPC is the fastest weapon in the digital marketing arsenal. We target ready-to-convert customers who are on the look out for your business or services. To cut a long story short, if you aren't advertising on Google and Facebook, you're losing out on a plethora of revenue opportunities.

audience retargeting

Astrum's extensive experience in digital advertising has enabled us to retarget your customers and potential customers with micro-precision. Follow your potential customers on their online journey and convert them at the most opportune moment. Our remarketing campaigns have yielded some of the best return on ad spend rates in the industry.


Astrum communications is a premier digital marketing company in Ahmedabad that provides a full spectrum of industry-specific digital marketing solutions. We are a straight forward, no-nonsense, ROI focused digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad with years of experience in digital marketing. With the advent of countless digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, choosing the right digital agency can be quite an uphill task. Unlike the plethora of digital marketing companies that have literally sprung up around every nook and cranny in Gujarat, we are thought leaders who believe in doing things differently. We have a proven track record of transforming businesses to achieve their potential across different sectors, both locally and internationally.



We believe that digital marketing has now evolved into marketing in a digital world. That is, we now live in a digital world - a world that is dominated by digital platforms and technologies. There couldn’t be a better time to embrace digital platforms if you haven’t already done so. In this digital era, if you aren’t online, you’re going to be rendered irrelevant before you know it. Customer’s attitudes towards brands, technologies, and softwares are radically different than they were just a few years ago.

Consider the following:

  • Uber - The largest transportation company in the world, owns no cars!

  • Amazon - The biggest e-commerce seller in the world, doesn’t have a physical store!

  • Facebook - The world’s biggest media company, doesn’t create any content!

  • Airbnb - The world’s largest provider of accommodation, owns no hotels!

  • Ali Baba - The world’s most valuable retailer, has no inventory!

These are only a few examples and this is only the beginning. The number of internet users in India is expected to surpass 627 million this year! And yet, this is only a meager 34% of the total population! You don’t have to be a tech guru to understand the potential of such a huge and relatively untapped market. To put things into further perspective, mull over the following data - The United States Of America and China have 79% and 55% of their total populations using the internet respectively. The online business revenue in the United States was worth $600 billion in 2018 alone, with a growth of over 15% from last year! Online sales in India are expected to grow to $200 billion by 2025, from $40 billion in 2018. With the rise in disposable incomes and a drop in internet connectivity rates, this is where all the action is going to be.


Why Astrum Communications?

In a nutshell, when you work with the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, you get the best results. Over the course of years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most unique clients across India and the globe. We provide our services for a diverse range of clients across sectors, such as travel, healthcare, e-commerce, entertainment, celebrities, corporates, green energy, government institutions, NGOs, supermarkets, law firms, fashion and many more. Working with a myriad of clients across the world has given us a keen insight and ability to comprehend global markets and sectors. This unparalleled, rich experience enables us to craft unique strategies to identify and achieve your objectives faster.

Prashant Mehta
(Owner - Koyla Restaurant)

I first got in touch with the guys at Astrum for a basic social media campaign I wanted to run for the restaurant launch. That's when I was introduced to their guaranteed leads package. Although it all seemed too good to be true, initially, they really did put the money at their mouth. Thanks to them, I'm generating a 4X ROI for every penny I spend with them.

Shehnaz Bangdiwala
(Founder - Rishtaa Matrimonials)

The folks at Astrum Communications have been very easy to deal with. They paid attention to all my minute requirements and executed my vision to the hilt. I'm really happy with their approach to web designing and highly recommend their services.

Rohan Khosla
(Managing Director - Deepa Travels)

I'm very satisfied with Astrum's PPC services. They created highly optimized landing pages for my website and have been running profitable Google and Facebook ads for my travel business since the past year. The results from PPC campaigns have enabled me to save on my overall marketing budget and get better returns for my investment.

Together we prosper


We also understand each business and client has unique expectations and requirements. We believe in creating win-win situations and adding value for each client. Whether you’re a startup or a corporate, we give equal importance to all our clients. We’re always more than willing to provide custom solutions with our affordable digital marketing packages. Everyone at Astrum communications strongly believes that keeping together is progress, and working together is success! We’re proud of the fact that we’re the only digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad and Gujarat that chooses to work with their clients, over working for their clients.

We specialize in the following areas of digital marketing:


  • Website Design and Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • PPC - Google Ads

  • Social Media Marketing

  • App Store Optimization & Marketing

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Software Development

  • Logo Design

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Professional Content Writing

  • Marketing Research and Survey






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