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How to Double Your Online Sales in Just 3 Months

Navigating the digital minefield.

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If you are an online business entrepreneur or even an established business person, chances are that you are looking for that special way to build your business so that it can attract more clients who have the ability to pay you a lot more than what others could ordinarily pay. I’m sure you always dream of finding those customers who would perhaps read your sales copy or even see your advert on the social media channels such as Facebook and instantly gesture that “Hey…That’s what I exactly need!”

You may even be looking for a way to improve your sales figures within the next few months, but you may have discovered that you are spending way too much on your marketing efforts. Again, you would be looking at ways to reach especially those customers who have the ability to pay more for your product.

So, in such a scenario, you will need an effective strategy to boost your sales to enviable levels. Such strategies are responsible for making many entrepreneurs successful around the globe. These strategies are being used in innumerable businesses and industries worldwide and are generating billions of dollars in sales.

I’m sure you will be interested to know how to build an empire using an effective strategy for your business. I’d like to assure you that with these strategies, you will never face the problem of incoming traffic again. These strategies will also help you dominate, takeover and rule your market while you crush your competition. These strategies will also be able to create immense goodwill and buzz around your business.

In this blog, I am bringing you battle-hardened strategies that will help you discover your true potential. As a successful digital marketer with over 12 years of experience handling online businesses over 15 countries worldwide and in over 50 different industries, I have helped business owners like you generate in excess of over $100 million in sales.

I have condensed these five strategies in form of a report which will help you:

  • Make your sales hit the roof by reading you customer’s minds

  • Transform your leads into loyal customers who can continually drive sales

  • Formulate a marketing concept that will help you double your sales

  • Write stellar copy that will drive your customers to close your sale

  • Phenomenally increase your customer base so that your profits increase too

Strategy No. 1: Get to know your customers

In the business profession, the customer holds the key to your success. No customers mean no business and consequently no success. Unless a customer doesn’t buy, you are not going to sell. So, the question of doubling your profits does not arise until you don’t first make a profit.

The key to profits is to first know what’s actually going on in your customers’ minds. So if you follow one or all of the methods below, you will discover what your customers really want so you can get a handle on your sales figures. Just like a detective uses a range of security tools to discover their target, you need to leverage time-tested market research tools and techniques to discover what’s running in your customers’ minds.

Google, Google, Google

It goes without saying that Google is perhaps the best search tool existing on the Internet. But a not so best-kept secret is that users type what they think in their minds to discover what they are looking for. One of the ways to ascertain what your customers really think is by goggling a search phrase in the Google search bar. With Google, you come to know the exact questions customers ask in their heads while searching for the products they want.

Identify your ideal client base

Of the millions of customers that exist out there, only a specific segment will buy your stuff. You need to understand and identify who these customers really are. Begin by creating an ideal customer profile and be very certain about who this ideal customer is. Just by saying “lady customer between 21 and 45” will not suffice your needs. You need to be more specific and draw a sketch of your ideal customer. You may have started a brand new business, but your ideal customer needs from your professional circle and not a casual friend or your family member. Avoid asking your niece or the neighborhood grandpa about what they think and prefer, because they may certainly not be your target audience. If you already have a customer database, identify your five best customers you have ever had and craft your customer profile from them.

Learn about people’s needs using autoresponders and surveys

Using your auto responder cleverly helps you ask your customers about the challenges they face or their particular needs. You are liable to strike potential gold in the information they share. Alternatively use Google Docs or even Survey Monkey to create a survey for free, so your customers can answer what biggest challenge they face or a benefit they seek when they use your product or service.

Conduct one-on-one interviews

By approaching your favorite clients personally or a loyal customer by phone or even a short meeting such as over coffee, you will obtain a strong insight into what they actually think about your product. Alternatively, you may even invite you ideal customers over a small occasion such as a wine-tasting event. During the conversations that follow, you will be able to obtain a deep insight into your customers’ thoughts and ideas about your product or service. While delivering a memorable experience to your customers, you get valuable intelligence and insight.

Use tools such as Answer the Public:

Although it may not be possible to actually read the minds of your customers, it’s possible to use internet tools such as Answer the Public. This is an extremely valuable tool that gives a valuable insight into what your customers are thinking while they search for your products or services on the Internet. No wonder it’s the favorite tool of most marketing and sales people in the digital world. With Answer the Public, simply enter the search term in the search bar and what you get is a diagram of searches associated with this term. The best part is that the search tool generates hundreds of results, which relate to what your audience thinks about your product. Use this tool to ramp up your sales extensively.

Access Industry Forums

If you have access to industry forums that are related to the product or service that you sell, then why not check them out to see if customers are discussing your product there? If your customers are finding it difficult to appreciate your product, solve them at the earliest before the problem becomes more worrisome and difficult to solve.

Use Facebook Groups to your Advantage:

Use a mining tool to comb through Facebook pages and discover what people are talking and discussing about your product, service, or organization. This will help you deliver deep insights you require for the success of your online business.

Research reviews on e-commerce websites:

When you research reviews of similar products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, you get a clear insight into what people are really looking for. With a little tact, it is easy to discover what is going on in your customer’s heads, and you can then figure out how you can really deliver it right. I would suggest that you read through all the reviews, but pay heed especially to the five star reviews and also the ones that notched just a star or two.

Combine all of these suggestions into a strategy and figure out what really makes your customers tick. Discover what gives your customers sleepless nights and why would they really need your product to solve their conundrum.

Strategy 2: Appeal to a larger market

If you want to truly double your sales, it is necessary that you appeal to a larger market. The right way forward is to increase your market size so that you dramatically widen the amount of prospects that you appeal to. This will not only take you way ahead of the competition but also double your sales in the process. So, if you want to market to a larger market, the best way forward is to utilize a multiple-step strategy that will drive more traffic into your funnel.

Maintain several traffic sources

If you need to double your sales, you cannot rely on just a single source of traffic. If you rely solely on Google, then you are leaving out all the traffic that comes to your platter from other sources such as Bing. If you rely on Google Adwords, then you are neglecting traffic that comes from SEO or affiliate marketing. If you rely on just Facebook Ads, then you are discounting the traffic that you could fetch from other social media platforms.

For some reason, if your Google account shuts down, then you could be left without sales and not even a single source of traffic to your website. Hence, why not maintain multiple sources of traffic that will help you direct a constant deluge of leads into your funnel. Thus you get the advantage of a larger audience coupled with lesser redundancy in case one of these traffic sources shuts down.

If you truly want your online sales to reach stellar figures, the key is to start with just one channel. Get that channel to be profitable and then figure out numbers like CPL and CPA for that particular channel. Now one you know which traffic channel converts the best, choose the three best traffic sources and work on them.

You can simply repeat the process for different channels. At this point, you can compare your figures – CPL and CPAs so that you can understand which traffic sources are the most profitable and which ones you can invest in. Now that you are aware of the traffic sources and the ones that convert the best, you can choose the three top performing traffic sources and invest your time and efforts therein.

Once you are able to drive a larger audience through your funnel through multiple traffic, move to the next step, in which you will appeal to a larger percentage of the market than what your competitors are able to.

Focusing on the 97%

Since your competitors focus on just 3% of the potential market, you stand to benefit by focusing not on the 3% but on the 97% customers that form the potential yet methodical and organized market for you. If you will focus just on the 3%%, spending your time, effort, and energy after this, you will fail to appeal to a larger percentage of the market – the prospects that fall in this larger 97% chunk. You can do this by:

  • Publishing lead magnets

  • Guest posts

  • Industry blogs

  • Answering questions on forums such as Quora and going live on Facebook

  • Being visible, providing value and building trust while being an authority in your niche

Thus, you will be able to appeal to prospects in every stage of your research and buying cycle. This is called the larger market formula, which is a bullet-proof strategy to help double your sales in the process.

Strategy 3: Stop obsessing on yourself – Try value-based marketing

Most businesses lose patience when they focus solely on the 3% target market. Although this market consists of people who are ready to make a purchase right now, you need to focus on those who need help to understand and buy your product. Rather than shoving messages down their throat and singing them paeans about your business, you can differentiate yourself from the competition you can establish your business as an entity that provides value and furthermore – double your sales. In a nutshell, embrace value based marketing like many successful firms in the past have done.

The idea of value based marketing is not to make a sale in return but on adding value to the customer. So, instead of asking “how do I make a sale?” you need to ask how I add more value to my customers. For example, you may provide value in the form of eblogs, free reports, videos, worksheets, and the like, but what you request in return for all this value is just an email address. So, people are more likely (in fact up to 10x) to buy from you if they feel they are learning or gaining knowledge by buying your product rather than being sold to. The catch here is that not all provide real value.

For example, build a lead magnet that has an attention grabbing headline, overcomes objections from the beginning, and even makes sure that it touches a burning question that your audience has, and is truly value based and educational, that will help you generate a lead generation tactic with a CTA that moves your audience further into your funnel.

Strategy 4: Love your customers more than ever before

The ideal way to double your sales is to convert twice as many of your prospects into customers. To convert more, you will need a copy strategy – a strategy that helps make the most of every word put in print to convert customers – the key to double your sales. But what is truly required from your side, copy wise, to pull prospects and convert them into customers?

Ensure that great copy includes:

  • An attention grabbing headline

  • The right offer

  • A singular focus

  • A single call to action

The better your copy is – the more compelling will be your information and more focused will be your CTA – and the more readers you will be able to convert and thus increase your sales.

Strategy 5: Make your customers an offer that is impossible to refuse

Don’t focus on just a single type of sale – there’s no need to pull every customer that falls in the funnel towards a high-ticket sale. There’s a huge potential customer base in customers who aren’t willing to make an investment yet but will make an investment one fine day.

So for these customers you make an offer that they find is impossible to use. Therefore, tactics like creating a lower point entry and a low-cost way to provide the value that your product or service stands for – is the right way forward.

You remove the barrier towards entry and give people the opportunity to woo them towards purchasing a high-ticket item. Prove to them that you are worth the higher price tag that your product or service commands. Thus, you will be successful in proving your value and increasing the price tag on your offers or products in the future. This will surely lead to a dramatic increase in the value of your sales.

The Grand Conclusion

Doubling your sales in just 90 days is not any easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and acumen to pull it off – The remainder of the story is in your hands! Get in touch with a premier digital marketing agency like Astrum Communications that has the ability to transform your business into a revenue generation machine.

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