We utilize relevant social media handles to warm up your audiences through organic and paid awareness campaigns. The first step towards online credibility begins with social media handles.


Once your audience starts engaging with the information being propagated from your social media handles, we give them offers that encourage them to take an action. This is the first step of our social media marketing funnel.


After successful identification and targeting of your niche audience, we drive them towards conversions by consistently advertising relevant content and offers to them. This is the second step of our social media marketing funnel.


Our highly focused ads are targeted towards your niche audience on various placements such as, feeds, stories, in stream, messenger, search, in article, sites and apps. We have an excellent track record of running highly profitable campaigns with a low cost per conversion.


We create custom and look alike audiences of people who convert through our campaigns. This enables us to identify relevant audiences that are most likely to convert into business. We then target this audience we our re-marketing campaigns that are highly cost-effective, as a result of precision targeting.

Social Media Marketing Services

Astrum communications is an award-winning social media marketing company in Ahmedabad. We are proud to be the only multilingual social media company in Ahmedabad to have worked with clients spread across 4 continents. Our vast and prolonged experience in designing social media graphics, as well as managing organic campaigns and paid ads for various verticals is simply unparalleled in Gujarat. As the most experienced social media agency in Ahmedabad, our paramount focus is on making social media marketing a profitable proposal for you. We combine innovation and experience to go beyond conventional models of social media marketing that revolve around metrics of only brand awareness and engagement. Our focus is on driving quality results for minimal costs, whether you’re a big brand or a budding local business. 


Our strong belief in the professional ethics of honesty, innovation, accomplishment, and transparency set us apart from other providers of social media marketing services in Ahmedabad and beyond. With our bespoke social media marketing packages, we can achieve sustainable growth for your business and help you dominate the competition.


What makes social media indispensable for businesses today?


We can take your business to the next level – we create innovative and impactful campaigns that engage with real audiences and most importantly produce measurable results that last.


When people hear the term social media, their minds usually drift towards Twitter and Facebook, however, there are other platforms also that can fetch you great results. Finding the ones where you can connect with relevant customers of your niche is the real key.


Our experts have worked in the social media marketing industry since many years and have a wealth of experience. This varies from large corporate clients to travel & tourism organizations to small businesses and e-commerce stores.  Our approach is to get measurable ROI, no fluff, no nonsense. We help businesses understand what they actually want to achieve from social media and setting clear objectives for each platform. 


If you do not have a clear objective for your social media presence then you are most certainly wasting your time. We help our clients identify that purpose and chalk out a realistic and straight forward course that leads to thriving growth in terms of measurable parameters, such as brand awareness, website traffic, inquiries, and sales.


It's simple math, when you work with the best social media agency in Ahmedabad, you get the best results. How can you be sure which is the best social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad? Simple enough. The numbers don't lie.


Get in touch with us to get an obligation free consultation and find out how you can 3X your profits through social media marketing in 3 months.


Develop Brand Awareness

For old and new businesses alike, there’s nothing like the good old word of mouth and referral marketing. Growing your followers on social media help you with just that. Our social media marketing services help you find relevant audiences and grow your social presence dynamically. With our laser focused audience targeting, we ensure that your followers have the same interests, and behaviour patterns as that of your typical customers, in addition to bearing demographical resemblance with them.

Ritwik Nair
(Founder - Catalyst Data Systems)

I had very specific requirements for my social media marketing that required the keen insights of an experienced agency. Astrum identified the right platforms and delivered my ads to highly targeted audiences with a sustainable cost per click.

Devanshi Patel
(Partner - F9 Fashion Studio)

Astrum handles my entire social media presence. I trust their vision for growth that has yielded me great results so far. I get a huge foot fall from ads they run on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Abbas Shaikh
(Owner - First Choice Tyres)

I used to run Facebook and Insta ads on my own before I started working with Astrum Communications. When I learnt about their business model, I decided to give it a shot. The results from their first campaign were convinving enough for me to continue with their services. It's been a year now and I haven't looked back since.

Build Relationships (Engagement)


Your audience is more likely to connect and buy from you when you build a strong connection with them through engagement. In social media parlance, we call this warming up the audience to your brand. Not only does this get more engagement on your social media posts, it also results in a customer base that can be retargeted in the future via paid ads.

Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic)


Driving more traffic to your website simply leads to an increase in your leads and sales, and thus an increase in revenue. Our social media experts design and run advertising campaigns around the end user to drive high quality traffic to your website. This leads to lesser bounce rates and more conversions. We also create a sales funnel for your business to retarget those visitors into conversions.

Drive Sales on Your Website

Our expertise and experience in creating social media sales campaigns is matchless in the entire state of Gujarat. We have worked with businesses of all scales - sall, medium and multinational conglomerates as well, and run very successful sales campaign across a huge variety of verticals.






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